UPDATE: Virgin Media is installing FTTP in Papworth!

About 250 properties have now registered their interest (representing almost 20% of the village)! Many thanks to all who have. Please also contact the potential suppliers on the How to Help page if you haven’t already.

Papworth Everard has long suffered from extremely poor internet speeds, since almost all residents depend on an ADSL connection to a distant exchange. This website represents the ongoing campaign for the introduction of superfast broadband to the village.

If you’re a resident of Papworth Everard and are interested in superfast broadband (see below for reasons why you’re likely to be), please register your interest.

This is really important because the more people register their support, the more likely companies will be interested in upgrading our internet.

How could superfast broadband benefit me?

Many users of existing ADSL internet are unaware of the benefits of faster internet, and tend to focus their use of the internet around checking email and surfing the web.

However, there’s a lot more that the internet has to offer that can benefit almost everyone, given a faster connection. Here are some common use cases:

  • On demand TV programs or films on iPlayer, 4od, Lovefilm etc.
  • Free video calls (via Skype) to friends and family.
  • Working from home (difficult on our current speeds).
  • Faster/more responsive access to media-intensive websites (e.g. Facebook, Youtube, or even BBC news).
  • Much faster downloads.
  • Online gaming.
  • VoIP: Replace your existing phone line with a much cheaper internet-based alternative.

The side benefits

The benefits certainly don’t end there; fast broadband can increase house prices by as much as 5% (see here and here), as well as encouraging businesses to set up in our village. Even if you’re not interested in superfast broadband for yourself, helping the village to get faster internet could boost your home’s value by thousands of pounds.

How can I help?

See ‘How to Help’.